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Research Methods of Underground Water

Georgia has an abundance of water recourses; their exploring and sustainable using is extremely important for the country. Unfortunately, nowadays, both - surface water and groundwater recourses experience the significant changes under the ongoing anthropogenic and natural (including climatic) processes. As a result we observe the decrease in the quality and quantity of water resources.
The only way for better management of water resources is detail hydrogeological study of the processes using modern research methods, namely geophysical/geochemical prospecting, monitoring, spatio-temporal modeling of environmental processes. This allow assessing the groundwater resources (including thermal) and finding the environmentally friendly and sustainable regime of exploitation, studying toxic and radioactive contamination of waters and its impact on human health, monitoring hydrogeological, geodynamical/seismic processes and assess the environmental situation.
To get the final product a complex of serious studies using digital modeling  specialized programs needs to be conducted, namely: